Tuesday, August 4th, 2015



BASEBALL, FULL SWING MURAL one of my best nepotism murals.  This mural is in Prescott Valley at an indoor batting range called Full Swing.  My model was my grandson Brandon. Except he “took a trip to the orthadontist”. Oh, that having magically straight teeth should be so easy As a few strokes of paint! anyway, here’s my inspiration which I jacked off the internet. Thanks, whoever... [Read more]


I want to start off by telling you, when I get dementia and have to be in a dementia unit, THIS IS WHERE I WANT TO GO! I am, besides being a mural painter, a retired nurse.  While In nursing school I worked in a nursing home at nights to gain experience. What a HORRID place! I wouldnt place my worst enemy (if I had one) in one of those places! I also worked during my preceptorship, among other areas,... [Read more]

Prescott Heroes mural

PRESCOTT HEROES MURAL We had a horrible tragedy in my hometown of Prescott, AZ.  On June 30, 2013,  19 of our “Hotshot” firefighters perished in a fire down the hill from Prescott in Yarnell.  Seems everyone knew at least one of the young men who died that day. It was awful. You just feel so helpless and empty and sad.  I knew Andrew Ashcraft and his wife Juliann from church. I had... [Read more]


GRAND CANYON SPIRITS This mural is actually 2 murals on either side of some big double doors, one side in the mexican food restaurant, Sophies, and on the other side, a liquor and snack store, right across from the Imax Theater in Tusyan, just outside the park. The name of the store is “Grand Canyon Spirits” and my client wanted a sign saying that on both sides. I was given carte blanc... [Read more]


GUITAR ART Recently, I learned how to use automotive paint. I painted my scooter. I made a few technical mistakes on it, but nobody knows what they are except me and someone looking at it super-close. Here’s my scooter all pretty blue now instead of ugly grey. So I got to thinking…some of the details on my scoot I had brushed on and it brushed pretty smooth and nice.  I wonder what else... [Read more]


CHALKING UP AZ! I’m putting these events in chronological order, the most recent ones first. Good friend Jen, after doing chalk art here in Prescott with me, decided to organize a festival in Cochise County where she lives. She teaches art normally, but her small school where she taught closed. Jen, not being one to sit on her laurels, volunteered in other schools in the county and she came up... [Read more]

trying my hand at AFRICAN FOLK ART

AFRICAN FOLK ART A home here in Prescott has 3 distinct wings. The main area is all African and African-inspired decor. The other 2 areas are Irish and Italian.  Those will be muraled later. Once again, I learned a lot in researching African Folk Art.  The different symbols are not just doodles. They have meaning. I learned the technique for doing African mudcloth. It is a long, drawn out process,... [Read more]

WW2 Aviation Mural

WW2 AVIATION MURAL Like a lot of art/murals I do, I learned a lot from this one. Not only from the art aspect, but also from a historic point of view. I learned what kind of planes were used during WW2 and which ones were considered “cool”, like the P51 Mustangs, some with big teeth painted on them. I learned about “nose art”.  I learned of the Tuskegee Airmen, the first and... [Read more]


SHARE THE ROAD Oops, I forgot to update my webpage right after I finished this mural, one of my favorites, here in Prescott! I just realized it so I’m doing it now. This mural is on the High Gear Bicycle Shop on Sheldon here where I live in Prescott. It is based on the cartoon movie “The Triplets of Bellville”, the trailer of which you can watch to see what the heck it is here:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P_LRQ6d9wdc... [Read more]


GASSERS’ GARAGE This mural I just finished (2011) is on the side of a barn here in Prescott. It was inspired by this giant sign the client had gotten from her recently deceased brothers’ estate. His last name was Gasser, and he had it made to hang in this huge garage he had for all of his toys. It had been sitting in this clients’ barn for a few months with her wondering what to do... [Read more]


WASHINGTON SCHOOL RIPARIAN MURAL This MURAL was a trip to do. Last year it was supposed to be done but was abruptly canceled. The Highland Center was in the process of obtaining grants to have a large riparian themed mural painted on the side of the school by the area where the Highland Center conducted classes in science and other things. The Highland Center is an organization here in Prescott dedicated... [Read more]